Created: Mixed Media

Pages: 32
Self Published

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Welcome to my pages of ink, texture, colour and fun. This is my first

animal alphabet picture book. Each letter of the alphabet has been
given an animal and each of the animals has a name. I have used a font called Dyslexie. Which been design to help people with dyslexia
like myself. The aim of this picture book is to make you smile all
the way from A to Z. All the animals have personality and lots of
inky texture. 


This very talented lady has lived under the shadow of dyslexia all her life. It has stifled her confidence, but she eventually found her courage and exploded with a wonderful work of enormous creativity and amazing colour. Using a special font to help fellow sufferers of dyslexia, she has produced a book that is an absolute delight and full of humour! I am now awaiting the sequel! Fiona Salmon – Congleton Cheshire

I have just received the A-Z Animals book from CreativeFlorence. Unbelievable illustrations, so beautifully designed with such originality. The finish of the print is of an exceptionally high standard, this book will last for years. I cannot wait to read this with my child. Thank you.
Richard Talman – East Sussex

The quality of this book matched the quality of the meaning and sentiment behind it. The matt laminated front cover leads you into high quality prints that are crisp and on point. Each individual letter is matched to a name and animal that stimulates the imagination, the eyes of the animals themselves tell a story. I loved turning every page. My personal favourite to Rosey the raccoon and Sidney the sloth as I have a best friend called Rosie Sidey so it made my day seeing them next to each other completely by chance. Amazing!! Rachel Irving – Sutton Coldfield