Created: Mixed Media

Purpose: Greeting cards & Prints

Llama at the Lighthouse

One sunny day. I decided I would take my favourite pencil called Pointy and Inky my paint brush out for a walk so, I packed them in a big pocket of my bag, making sure they could see out and off I went to get inspired. 

First stop. Seaford, There was a coffee shop I like next to some new beach huts on the seafront. As I got nearer I saw two rather large angry seagulls having an argument about what price they could get for some crayons. I was shocked to see two very scared little crayons being held prisoner by these two naughty bird thief’s 

Pointy was snapping and Inky was shaking in my bag, both screaming at me. "You need to help them"! I grabbed the crayons and ran as fast as I could up a huge hill. Once I knew it was safe I put the crayons down on the soft grass.


All of a sudden Seven Sheep appeared. “Please help us the farmer wants to sell us with his homemade mint sauce.” The crayons jumped up. “We will help you"! They shouted. And ran over and started scribbling all over the sheep until they had bright wooly jumpers on. "The farmer won’t see us now"! they jumped with joy. I wasn’t so sure. But the sheep loved their new outfits and started doing acrobatics.


“Time to go” I said. The crayons started to cry. “We want to go home”!
“Where’s home?” I asked. “Just over the hill number 7. We live in a cottage with some rabbits”

Off we went. Two rabbits were waiting at the gate. Crying. Oh no not again I thought.
“What’s wrong”? Our crayons were stolen by two nasty seagulls earlier.
“We have an art class but no crayons”. 

Two very happy crayons popped up from my bag pocket and I handed each rabbit a crayon.
“I think these belong to you”? The two crayons melted with delight!

The two rabbits hugged the crayons and asked if I would like to join their class. I said yes. I had a wonderful time. Then It was time to go. The rabbits said. “You have been so kind to us saving our crayons from the nasty seagulls and the sheep from mint sauce.”

“We would love to do something for you. We have called the lighthouse at Beachy Head.
When you get there a surprise will be waiting for you”!

I said goodbye. Picked up Pointy and Inky and found the Lighthouse and a Llama in striped swim shorts on a paddle board. I thought I was seeing things. I laughed out loud. The llama showed me his paddle board skills and said “Hop on, I will take you for a onboard experience” 

We spent hours paddling around the light house talking and I asked him. How long had he worked there. He just smiled. And waved at Inky and Pointy. Who were writing something.
We got closer. There was a message on the big white cliffs 

Dear Flo

There is always a pointy to every inky 
Telling stories and making people smile

Keep doing what you do

Keep being you!