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I have been told my illustrations talk. I believe that to mean they have character.  I love children to engage with a drawing or when I am telling them I am mermaid who lives in Saltdean Lido, they half believe me and wait for my feet to turn into a tail. I manage just about to convince them I have feet for dry land. You have be 4 yrs of age to believe me. I'm at my very best when I spend time with children who imagination have no limits. This gives me so much inspiration. I have worked in a children's nursery for a short while and often visit local schools to spend a morning taking a lesson with a class of curious children. The feed back received from the Children is brilliant.

Children illustration for Home decor, Picture book or Stationery is a great place to be.


Flo came in to school to do a book day illustration workshop. She had a large group of 45 children aged between 4 and 7 and they couldn’t have loved it more. Flo brought Alan the Alpaca along with her and explained to the children that he was sad as he hadn’t made it into her ‘A-Z of animals’ book. The children’s task was to colour and illustrate some of Alan’s friends to make him laugh. The children loved the animals, the book and Flo! Many of them still talk about it now, months after the visit and many of the children were inspired to independently create their own A-Z of animals book. Their books were too full of colour, humour and carefully drawn illustrations - all inspired by Flo. We are eagerly awaiting her next visit. 


Millie Brodie – Teacher Bedes Prep School Eastbourne